Shark Podcasts

The weekly podcasts deal with an array of questions revolving around sharks. A critical look is given from the viewpoint of an experimental shark behaviorist, conservationist, and professional educator to all aspects around them.

Episode 80: Exfil not just for military purposes

"E" within SACRED, the rescue procedure when a person got bitten, refers to the exfil or exit part of the rescue attempt. Many times a shark lingers after a bout and it is crucial that the interest of the shark is not renewed when getting the victim. Here I describe how this should occur without further incidence.


Episode 79: Making eye contact with sharks...

Whenever we look into the eyes of a beloved dog, cat or other, it is commonly agreed we can read in their eyes. If the same is true for sharks can't be said as of yet but fact is that something also happens when humans and sharks look at each other.


Episode 78: Bite numbers are up does not mean an increase in bites...

The number of shark bites does not say much except that the absolute numbers are very low compared to other animal groups that are frequently involved in incidents with humans. Here, it will be explained why bite rates are the proper way to interpret bite numbers and how these rates can be influenced.


Episode 77: Shark repellents vs. thinking process of sharks

All these gadgets out there that claim to repel a shark when it gets closer never take a shark's mind and thinking process into consideration. It is not the run of the mill shark that needs to be targeted but the unruly, bold one who is just a bit too curious. These gadgets have all the same flaw, they have not been tested in potentially dangerous situations. If they would have, we would not be flooded with all these gimmicks that won't work.


Episode 76: Why not hippos, why not snakes...

No matter how small a wound on a human being is, as long as it has been caused by a shark it is a headline. There are plenty animals out there that cause more injuries, and more fatalities, than sharks do. But it is the shark who unifies most human fears and that seem to matter, independently if the danger is real or not. And when it comes to sharks, the danger is not real...


Episode 75: On the arrogance of knowing sharks

Just because one dived a few times with a certain shark species does not mean one is able to understand their behavior, even more so if one is of the opinion that sharks are basically instrict driven creatures. Every specimen of a species is an individual with its own toolbox of features, characters and abilities to adapt or react to a situation.


Episode 74: The foundation of rescuing a person

Trying to rescue a person who has been bitten by a shark is not an easy task, even more so should there be no jetski, board or anything else available but to swim out there and retrieve the victim. Following these rules will help, even if the shark is still in close vicinity to the victim.


Episode 73: Gadgets that repel sharks - nooot!!

Many gadgets claim to repel a shark should the animal come too close. What these manufacturers don't tell you is that these gadgets have not been scientifically tested but are solely based on assumptions. So, it should not come as a surprise that most of these gadgets won't do anything, especially not keeping a shark away.


Episode 72: Protecting a beach or not is the question here

Protecting beaches from sharks lowers incidents but kills sharks in the process. New  technologies are needed to replace the shark nets that are still in use. An overview of ideas is given how to keep beaches safe without having to kill a shark.

Episode 71: Incident series in Sinai, Red Sea

Between November 30 and December 5, 2010, five incidents took place along a coastal stretch of only a few kilometers. At least two sharks were involved, an oceanic whitetip shark and a mako shark. A review is given, together with a most likely scenario leading to those incidents of which one ended fatal.